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Resident Rights

A. A manager shall ensure that:


1. A resident is not subjected to:

A. Abuse,

B. Exploitation,

C. Coercion,

D. Manipulation,

E. Sexual abuse,

F. Sexual assault, or

G. Retaliation for submitting a complaint to the Department or another entity; and


2. A resident or the resident's representative is informed of and allowed to ask questions about:

A. The residency agreement,

B. The costs associated with residency,

C. The resident's rights and responsibilities,

D. The prohibition of the possession of alcohol or illicit drugs at the sober living home,

E. Drug and alcohol testing and other assessments of sobriety,

F. The consequences of loss of sobriety and

G. The complaint process.


B. A resident has the following rights:


1. Not to be discriminated against based on race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, or diagnosis;

2. To receive services that support the resident's sobriety, including, if applicable, continuing to receive medication-assisted treatment while a resident;

3. To have a secure place to store personal belongings, medications, or other personal items to deter misappropriation by another individual;

4. To be able to gain access to the sober living home at any time while a resident;

5. To have access to all areas of the sober living home's premises, except for:

A. The bedrooms and secure storage locations of other residents,

B. The bedroom and secure storage locations of the manager or other staff and

C. Areas of the sober living home used as the manager's office or for storage of records or supplies for assessment of sobriety;

6. To have access to meals prepared in the sober living home;

7. To review, upon written request, the resident's own record and

8. To receive assistance in locating another place to live if the resident's record indicates that the resident:

A. No longer needs the services of a sober living home or

B. Needs more services and support to maintain sobriety than the sober living home is authorized to provide.

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