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Every Member gets their own safe to store their perscription drugs and personal items. 


My wife and I believe so much in what we do that we share our home with you. We look forward to helping you with your recovery. 

3120 Westwood Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO. 80909
Has 6 bedrooms and 11 beds
House Phone 719-434-1336



Front Yard

Back Yard

Upstairs Kitchen

Upstairs kitchen.jpg

Upstairs Living Room

Upstairs living room.jpg

BackYard Firepit or Caveman TV

Upstairs laundry

upstairs laudry room.jpg

Upstairs Living Room

upstairs living room 2.jpg



backyard 2.jpg

Job Station

Downstairs Kitchen and Laundry

Computer station.jpg

Living Room

Basement kitchen and laundry.jpg

Downstairs Living Room

Sample Bedrooms

laundry Room

Upstairs curtain bedroom.jpg


Basement Living room.jpg
Bedroom .jpg
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