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Rocky Mountain Sober Living Intake Policy


Minimum Requirements

  1. Have a valid Driver's License or State ID.

  2. Have either a Social Security card or a Birth Certificate.

  3. Be able to provide a clean UA upon entry.

Application Process

  1. Complete the online application @

  2. Have prospective clients call and complete a phone interview with RMSL staff. 719-357-6529

  3. If successful, arrange an Interview, be it in person or by phone, with the house manager and fellow peers in the house they are interviewing for. 

  4. If accepted, Provide a clean UA.

  5. Arrange to meet our RMSL intake specialist. 

More Details

Medically Assisted Treatment

RMSL will accept those clients who are on MAT. We permit the following: Sublocade, Vivitrol Injection, and Brixadi. Suboxone and stimulates as long as they are enrolled in an outpatient program to manage meds.


  1. Be a good human.

  2. Clean up after themselves.

  3. Stay sober and work on Recovery.

  4. Gain employment.

  5. Help others.

Funding Sources Accepted

  1. Diversus funding.

  2. 4th District Probation vouchers.

  3. Parole Vouchers

  4. Credit Cards, Debit Card or Cash

Application Start

 Personality Test

Please Follow this link and take the test. Once complete, let us know which personality type you are.

Free Personality Test

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